My tax dollars pay for this?

PBS is a misnomer

So I’m sitting their minding my own business Saturday afternoon when I stumble across this program on PBS World. I recognize the hostess vaguely as someone I’ve seen on other shows. Her name is Bonnie Erbe and the show is called ‘To the Contrary‘. She is interviewing one Seyward Darby who is explaining to her that everyone on the Right is a racist who hates Obama because he is black (what about the white half?). To PBS there is nothing weird or strange about this interview, “everybody knows this”, “its common knowledge”. What a load of crap. People hate Obama because he’s an America hating communist. His shining achievement (mandatory insurance) made healthcare in America even worse.

He couldn’t defeat ISIS because he didn’t want to. He gave Iran the bomb. He classified those who dared disagree with him as “bitter clingers“. He used the power of the Federal Government to spy on a political opponent. He let his Secretary of State and Vice President use their offices to extort money from foreign governments. He ran guns down to Mexico the cartels used to kill Americans. Calling him a goddamn son of a bitch has nothing to do with his parentage. He’s a worthless piece of crap who was bad for Freedom. What fucking idiots Seyward Darby, Bonnie Erbe and PBS are for putting this crap on TV using my tax dollars. I don’t care if you want to put your lies on the air, just don’t use my money to do it.

Jim Roach

[Liberals are so intellectually bankrupt, all they have is the race card. They wish to promote this lie that racism is on the Right. What’s on the Left I truly believe is a collection of lower I.Q. individuals fighting for relevance. They simply cannot win a debate of ideas, all they have is this moronic argument that “conservatives hate blacks”. In their minds, it is impossible that the list I am about to put forth is true. They could look at this page and be physically unable to see what I have written below. I think its called ‘cognitive dissonance’. I cannot name you a conservative that does not love: Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Charles Payne, Carol Swayne, Jesse Lee Peterson, Ken Hamblin, James Meredith, Ward Connerly, Star Parker, Michael Steele, Armstrong Williams, Clarence Thomas, Candace Owens, J.C. Watts, Larry Elder, Ben Carson, Herman Cain. We don’t love them because they’re black, we love them because they’re great people. We don’t despise Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice because they’re black, but because they’re goddamn globalist sons a bitches. I really think the Lefty’s I.Q. is going to average 15 points lower than a conservative’s. I think they’re just dumb.]

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You think you know, you don’t

Mr Guns n Gear on Biden’s plans for your guns

You have a vague idea the Left wants your guns? You have no idea. This is the best video bar none that explains the nuts and bolts of what they want to do. Don’t watch it, don’t share it, don’t do nothing. Sit on your ass and whine.

Jim Roach

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Oh, and cigars aren’t cool

In my never ending irritation with celebs who make vice seem cool, today its Rush Limbaugh. It came to me when I saw this World Net Daily article on the status of Rush’s lung cancer treatments (not good). Having listened to Rush for over 25 years I of course know about his love affair with cigars. The cigars that caused his lung cancer, for the dense of brain. Many a broadcast hour was spent regaling the audience with tales of enjoyment with a fine cigar. In fact my own cessation with cigarettes was delayed 10 years because I bought into his bullshit about being able to smoke cigars without smoking cigarettes. He would discuss with callers the latest issue of Cigar Aficionado magazine and this or that cigar with this or that “adult beverage”.

Well now that it looks like his 70th birthday January 12 will be his last, its time to make a couple of things clear. I’ve never known a tobacco smoker who made it out of his 60s alive. That doesn’t mean there aren’t smokers over 70, I’ve just never known one. Number 2, its not just what tobacco does to your lungs, its what it does to your heart and arteries. Its not good! Then there’s the financial cost you pay to put yourself into an early grave, you add it all up its just asinine. But no, my main beef with Rush isn’t that. Its that he made it seem ‘cool’. Its not. He’s got the money for the best medical treatment on the planet, but the thousands he enticed into smoking the damn things don’t. They don’t have the resources. They’ll die alone in the trailer park or wherever, and nobody is going to give a damn about them. Its not cool what you did.

Jim Roach

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FOX is such a tease

FOX News showed such promise in a way. I think they could be good. I think some of them want to be good. They’re just not. No I don’t mean as a mouthpiece for the Right, but simply as a venue for news items you just won’t see on the Liberal channels (every other channel). It was crystalized two weeks ago with the one and only “presidential debate” hosted by Chris Wallace. Even the most obtuse observer saw that the President had to debate both Biden and Wallace. It was the most biased thing I ever saw. This was nothing new, Wallace did the same thing with the first Republican primary debate in July of 2015 with Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly (all Trump haters).

Another example is The Five with Juan Williams. You don’t have to search very far on social media to see people just are not going to watch it as long as Williams is there. Take FOX & Friends on weekday mornings, could be a decent show, then they have to put leftist partisans like Judge Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera. The afternoons are filled with Trump haters Shep Smith (the dear departed) and Neil Cavuto. Then there’s sneaky snakes like Bush loyalist Dana Perino.

That’s 9 names on a “conservative” channel that hate Trump/conservatives. People not devoid of bias, but full of bias. But perhaps more important than who they do have on, is who they don’t. They don’t have Ann Coulter on. They don’t have Pat Buchanan on. Alex Jones, Greg Hunter, Peter Schiff, Alex Newman and on and on and on. They just don’t seem to be serious about honest reporting. Down deep, in amongst the weeds, there’s an agenda. In the end there’s people like Trump hater Paul Ryan sitting on the board.

Everyone on that channel has some dumb book out about American history, jurisprudence, ‘conservative values’ or muffin recipes, but there ain’t one who will write the damn truth about what’s up with their own channel.

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“Senate calls on Big Tech bosses to testify!”

Money is the root of all politics

FOX News is great about headlines like that. And to the rookie it sounds like something is really going to happen this time! Then you realize its being done solely as an opportunity for Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham to huff and puff before the cameras, mere weeks before an election. Nothing will get done. The obvious Big Tech monopolies won’t be broken up. Its all a farce. Here’s where the failings of the media really come into play. They have the resources to tell the American people who got bought and for how much. How much Cruz is taking from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Instagram. How much Graham is taking from Big Tech. They’re all on the payroll. Its just ludicrous to think they’re going to effectively regulate the same people they’re taking money from.

Jim Roach

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Talk radio blinders

Eric Hurley and Gary McNamara on Redeye Radio this morning were talking about police encounters with mental patients. Their prescription was the same as all talk radio, that a lone officer should rush to the scene and gun down the sick person. I’ve watched these encounters a hundred times on Active Self Protection on YouTube. The host John always does the sharp inhale then, “Well they had to do it!” Yeah? For the hundredth time I’ll disagree.

When cops go screeching up with a loud siren blaring and bright lights flashing, what do you suppose that does to a disturbed individual? Make their condition worse maybe? Gets them agitated? Then the officer starts screaming at them, “Show me your hands! Show me your hands! Show me your hands!” Then immediately opens fire, Bam! Bam! Bam! Its Miller time. Swear to God that is all they know. No acknowledgement of differences of degree of threat (drunk old man, 20 year old mentally handicapped woman, strong 30 year old male high on meth).

Could you have waited for another officer? Was it really necessary to have lights and sirens on in this case? Could you have tried just talking to the citizen first? Without screaming? A lot of mental patients assume the emotional state of the person they’re talking to. If the cop is agitated and aggressive, they will be too. So many people have blinders on, the only equation they can make is: Police + handgun + suspect + shoot. The other blind spot they have is a possible solution can only be: forever or not at all. Why not try it and see if it works?

For over 70 years (the control group) in mountain towns when a dangerous animal (bear/cougar/wolf) wanders into town they’ve had a no-drama solution. The Ranger reaches into his 4WD, pulls out the tranquilizer rifle (with 160 yard range), and shoots the thick skinned bear/cougar/wolf, the waits 3 seconds for him to go to sleep. No shouting, no lights, no sirens. They just load him back into the truck and take him back to the known range from his radio collar, or his likely range. Everybody’s still alive. Its worth a try ain’t it?

Jim Roach

THURSDAY, JULY 30, 2015 PHOTO In this Thursday, July 30, 2015 photo, Salvatore Emma Jr., president and CEO of Micron Products, displays Blunt Impact Projectiles, one ready for use, left, and another after being fired during a test at the factory in Fitchburg, Mass. The projectiles utilize new technology developed by the company to provide law enforcement with less-lethal ammunition engineered to cushion and displace the force of impact, designed to cause pain and discomfort but not serious injury. The technology is part of a push to find ways for law enforcement to be able to use force with non-deadly means. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)
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Who is Evan McMullin?

Evan McMullin

4 years ago all I knew was that Republican United States Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham had voted for this man for President. Knowing RINO and McCain protégé Graham, it did not surprise me at all. Now every time I see a Facebook ad of Graham begging for money, I immediately comment, “Oh yeah, he voted for Evan McMullin.”

If you look even a little at McMullin’s background, its laughable who he is. He is the ultimate representation of the tantrum the Deep State threw about Trump. He is the Deep State, rolling on the floor at Walmart, screaming and crying. He’s the quintessential “never Trumper”. Intelligence community, Mormon, RINO. He even started a new party to “hold Trump accountable!” Stand Up Republic, there’s a bit of marketing genius. – Jim Roach

More than a passing resemblance

“I could think of no worse example for nations abroad, who for the first time were trying to put free electoral procedures into effect, than that of the United States wrangling over the results of our presidential election, and even suggesting that the presidency itself could be stolen by thievery at the ballot box.”– Thomas Jefferson

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“A private security company is seeking armed veterans to guard Minnesota polling sites against left-wing activists on Election Day”

“A private security company is seeking armed veterans to guard Minnesota polling sites against left-wing activists on Election Day. Democrat Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said Friday that he and other elections officials “strongly” discouraged “this unnecessary interference in Minnesota’s elections, which we have not asked for and do not welcome.” – Breitbart

This Breitbart story out of Minneapolis has so many outliers. You expect NYC, Miami and LA to be 3rd world shitholes that can’t hold an honest election, but Minneapolis?? Minnesota 50 years ago was damned near as good as Iowa, and now its not safe to go to your polling location?

They imported the 3rd world, they became the 3rd world. 50 years ago Minnesota was like the rest of the Midwest, the bedrock of America. Low crime, high employment, good kids, good schools, high church attendance, a place people wanted to live. In 2010 the white population of Minneapolis had dropped to 63.8%. That was 2010, can you imagine what its like now when the 2020 census comes out?

They’ll be even more overrun by Mexicans and Mosques. I can’t imagine the shift that has taken place in the last 10 years. I think it does help explain the Breitbart article on why they are having to hire armed guards for polling locations. Its absurd! 50 years ago Minnesota was 98% white and ran right. Now its brown and drown.

And yes, no one else in this world will say that. It also happens to be the truth.

Jim Roach

I laughed when I remembered something else about Minnesota. As a longtime radio listener I of course used to listen to Garrison Keillor on Sunday afternoons on NPR make fun of those silly white Lutherans up in “Lake Wobegon”, Minnesota. The “Norwegian bachelor farmers”, the whole schtick about the church potlucks and Jello salads. Back when Minnesota was nice, comfortable and safe. Not no more!

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In a nutshell

You’d have to be really dense not to get this quote, so I’ll just skip to the chase. I just love succinct messaging. What would it be? A “compare & contrast” between Old Left and New Left? We all knew vaguely that this was happening, we just didn’t know how to verbalize it. It piggybacks on Thomas Sowell’s idea that if you control the language, and what words ‘mean’, you’ve already won the debate. I see a failure to understand this or to keep it front and center in ones mind, that leads to a loss of debate. Like in poor President Trump’s battles against the media and the Democrat Party (I know, one in the same). The Left on average are dumber than snot, yet they are masters of verbal judo. Conservatives have a logical world view based on a fact ladder building upon each other. Liberals have an emotional based system that says, “judge us not on our results, but on our intentions“.

Any credibility they might have had disappears when you look at outcomes. History of even 100 years destroys them. Yet all that is ignored, and somehow we find ourselves in a world where these morons have triumphed. In the end, it is as the quote said, they controlled the discourse. Mind over matter so to speak. (“The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed” ― Steve Biko) Yet in Biko’s quote, today it is the oppressor using this weapon. And in the current revolution being undertaken in America from the Left, it is raw naked power in the streets affecting change. Not words. Not ideas. Just thuggery. (“Words are the most powerful weapon used by mankind.” Rudyard Kipling, 1923)

Confusing. It all comes back to this thing called “social justice”. Cultural Marxism.

Jim Roach

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They had to frame a militia

Michigan Militia

The violence from the Left in Seattle, Portland, Kenosha and other locales had become so obvious it was no longer possible for the media to cover it up. Horrible optics for the Left to be burning down cities just months before an election. What to do? The Leftist tradition of burn, loot, murder was especially not looking too good. I should have seen this coming. It was so obvious what they were going to do. The only question was what agency? ATF or FBI? I guess the real hatred for Trump right now is the FBI. So in the tradition of Waco and Ruby Ridge, the FBI goes out and frames a right-wing group in this absurd plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Just nuts.

They take what a couple of rednecks said over a 6-pack of Heinekens, and turn it into a “foiled plot!” Good grief. The Michigan Militia has been famous for 40 years. Who the spark plug up there is, or why Michigan, I have no idea. Kudos for your activism, but use some sense. Half your members are FBI, and every electronic device you ever owned is bugged. You have a bullseye on your back. So the bottom line is, we’ll probably never know the real story. You definitely can’t trust the FBI and media to give you the true story. And who knows, maybe after Whitmer had told the Michigan Supreme Court to stuff it, they were at wit’s end.

Jim Roach

The good news is they can all ride in one car.

“To the person who brought multigrain chips to the party – you could have just said you didn’t want to come.”

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