Corn gas

“Ethanol use as a fuel continued after the tax was repealed, and fueled Henry Ford’s Model T in 1908. The first ethanol blended with gasoline for use as an octane booster occurred in the 1920s and 1930s, and was in high demand during World War II because of fuel shortages.”

Rational stupidity would require that if you wanted to boost a sector of industry with taxpayer money (which you have no authority to do), you would set a 5 year time period to dispense those subsidies, then have it sunset. It wouldn’t go on for eternity. Here in Iowa, our politicians get elected based on whether or not they bring home the bacon for ethanol.

My 3 reps, Grassley, Ernst and Feenstra, will hold office till they die as long as they bring home the money for corn growers (why Harkin walked away I’ll never understand). I think about this at a time when Washington is particularly showing just how dysfunctional it is. And my representatives are repelling all criticism of their “do-nothingness” with, “What? We bring home the corn money.

Biden fucks up the Afghanistan withdrawal. Simone Biles and other gymnasts give absolutely devastating testimony on the worthlessness of the FBI on protecting young girls. General ‘Thoroughly Modern’ Milley goes rogue and believes the military is no longer under civilian control. Hundreds of Americans are being held without charge and being tortured for a political demonstration January 6. Foreigners are pouring into the country illegally even more that usual. And the sum total of the response from my 3 reps?

“What? We bring home the corn money.”

Jim Roach

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Nothing ever happens to them!

Larry Nassar

My God! What has to happen before the powerful are ever held accountable?? My God! Larry Nassar abuses 70 girls after the FBI is made aware of what is going on. After! Good God! And Congress just sits there with their thumb up their ass! Are they even aware they are supposed to be a check and balance on the Executive Branch? Why aren’t they demanding the FBI Director resign??

In the last 5 years the FBI (federal bureau of idiots) has done everything but their job. They spied on candidate Trump. They tried to undermine President Trump by furthering the Russian collusion hoax. They put infiltrators and agent provocateurs in the January 6 protests. Now they won’t even protect teenage girls on the Olympic Team?? My God!

FBI Director Wray: “We take these circumstances very seriously!” The focus has been on Larry Nassar, it needs to be on the damn director Chris Wray! I understand he wasn’t director at the time of the initial investigation. But once he was in charge, he never held accountable those who were derelict in their duties.

Jim Roach

“The same FBI that covered for a child molesting Olympic doctor also hid Epstein island and Hunter’s pedo laptop.”

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“Five Hard Lessons from America’s 20-Year Journey Since 9/11” 


James P. Pinkerton had a really great article on Bright Bart this morning. I do not use that term “great” lightly. Most of what gets printed on these conservative sites is drivel whose sole mission is to get ‘clicks’. He gives a wonderful synopsis of the 20 year debacle on terror. Just one of his great points was that it looks like we purposely let Osama Bin Laden get away in 2001. If we had snuffed him then and the “war” was over, where’s the future in that? The wealth transfer to the defense industry? The curtailing of American’s rights under the “Patriot Act”?

You can’t have ‘one and done’. Never let a crisis go to waste. Pinkerton’s piece was a great ‘point by point’ enumeration of the complete failure of our government. The immediate thought that came to my mind was that because no one was held accountable for this boondoggle, that absolutely guarantees it will happen again. Time after time this happens. The public never wakes up to the scam. And despite the fact I say it over and over and over again, how do you have a “war on terror” with: A.) a wide open southern border B.) no correction of visa overstays C.) no accountability and D.) bringing terrorists here?

That is sick, I never knew we let Bin Laden get away. That thing could have been done in 6 months.

Jim Roach

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Problem: Somewhere in the world people are unhappy. Solution: Bring them to America!

Measles outbreak at Fort McCoy processing Afghani’s

Bureaucrats are so inept. By nature bold thinking and ingenuity are beyond them. Our “foreign policy” goals seem rather elusive. Its always A + B = C. There’s never any nuance. Currently its Afghanistan. Muslims don’t want to live under an Islamic caliphate. You’d think that would be heaven for them? No, they want to come live with Great Satan. Do the 25 million fight against the 75 thousand of the Taliban? No! They come to America! Islamic countries are next door? “No! We want America, so we can complain about their food, their culture, and Jesus!”

Latin America is incapable of forming a functioning society, everything is gringo’s fault. “We demand to come to Gringo Land!” Damn. Is that the only answer? America ain’t America no more. We’re not running on all 8 cylinders. We need a tune-up and I don’t see it in our future. We got a fairly good sized planet, why would you bring everyone on it to one spot? See, to me that doesn’t make sense. Culturally, ecologically, economically. We really don’t have Magic Dirt. Its the ideas that made us great.

Logistically speaking, wouldn’t it be easier to export ideas? Than import people? These people are addicts, they’re addicted to failure. A “geographic solution” is not the answer. The change has to come from within. All they’re going to be is dysfunctional in another spot.

Jim Roach

[All this was inspired by the FOX story: Measles Outbreak at Military Base holding Refugees]

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The Keiser (!) Report

The main thrust of this video is Max’s pet, bitcoin, becoming legal tender in El Salvador (¡Ay, caramba!). But the bit I was reminded of was the value of “remittances“. Well might you ask, what in the sam hell are remittances? They are the money that Latin Americans working here send back to their families in Latin America (yes is could be any country but 99% of it is Central and South America). In Mexico it runs neck and neck each year whether narcotic exports or remittances are the larger part of their economy.

In El Salvador Max mentions remittances are 23% of their economy. The economies of all Latin America would collapse tomorrow if remittances were cut off. Guess why the whole world was against Trump getting tough on the border? Because a normal person would ask, “How does a country plan to continue its existence without borders?” All you have to do when you run into logical inconsistencies is follow the money. The other thing that would doom their economies would be to cut off the drug trade. Guess why that never happens?

Jim Roach

[The borders of America are kept open because the economies of all Latin America would collapse without: A.) Remittances and B.) Narcotic exports. Therefore Americans are expected to endure the crime and death associated with the drug trade, and to always have their wages pounded into the ground by illegal aliens. Follow the money. That’s why they went crazy when Trump threatened to get tough on the border, everything south of Texas would have collapsed. Remittances and drugs are 1 – 2 as the largest segment of their economies.]

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Time warp?

STOS: ‘Assignment – Earth’

I’ve seen it on Star Trek, a space explosion would send the Enterprise hurtling through space at ungodly speeds and danged if they wouldn’t be sent back in time to 1968 Earth. Another time they walked through a lit up arch and Kirk and Spock met Joan Collins in depression era America. It can happen. That’s obviously what has happened again. Muslims holding American’s hostage, while a weak and feckless Democrat President tries to ignore reality. Soaring inflation and gas prices spiking. It must be 1979 all over again!

A Ronald Reagan type rides in to save the Republic! Reagan had his good points and his bad, but Congress was at least somewhat functional 40 years ago. Then the other funny about today’s islamic hostage crisis is Thomas Jefferson had one over 200 years ago! He had to send Marines over there to settle their hash too! Dang we keep repeating history. More dollars spent, more dead Americans, because our GD government refuses to learn! They have a death grip on stupid and they won’t let go. That’s all they know.

Jim Roach

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Reloading basics


How to get started in reloading: Don’t. Put the gun down and run away. Its a time wasting hobby that does nothing but suck money out of your wallet. Only 5% or so of men are active shooters, don’t be one. If you want something for the house get a .410 pump and stick it in the closet. You really don’t need dozens of guns and thousands of rounds of ammo.

When everything is working right (and you can get components), there’s nothing more enjoyable than reloading. When you can’t find primers, you have a flake powder that is too big to run through your new $100 dollar powder measure, when you’re not familiar on your new scale between grams and grains, then its not so enjoyable.

If you’re one of the 5% God help you. Frankly there are a gazillion tips missing from this video. What they’re trying to do in eight minutes and 50 seconds is to keep you from killing yourself. Two things they didn’t mention seem really important to me. The first is if you are new (and even if you aren’t), get someone to watch you reload 5 rounds and evaluate what you’re doing.

Nothing is better than “outside eyes”. You may have picked up some weird habit or practice you don’t even realize is wrong. Number two of things they skipped is get a chronograph ($125). When you go to shoot your rounds, the felt recoil is a good indicator of what’s going on, the flatness of the spent primer, the condition of the spent case, how easily or not the case extracts, but nothing beats knowing how fast that round is going.

A chronograph lets you see if you are producing what the book says you should be producing. Most people can’t spend $30,000 to buy something that measures the actual pressure of the round, but a chronograph will give you a real close idea.

To a large degree once you get reloading you can shoot pretty cheap. A person who buys a new gun within 2 years has spent more on ammo for it than he spent to buy it. Especially now during The Great Ammo Shortage (this is the worst I’ve seen). You have yahoos tell you this happens every presidential election cycle, nope. Not like this. The COVID pandemic and resulting loss of mined raw materials and shortage of manufacturing capacity has created a perfect storm.

But speaking of the cost of shooting, unless you start reloading in your 20’s or early 30’s, you’ll never recoup what you spent on hardware on what you would have spent buying store bought ammo. The only saving grace is that during this shortage (because I happened to have stocked up on primers 9 years ago) I can shoot uninterrupted and without being price gouged than if I didn’t reload.

Probably the #1 screwup you can do reloading that will get you injured is using too much powder. Powder measures are a strange tool. Many things can happen to affect their accuracy. At the moment I’m using 1 powder to load 3 different calibers. I know that on each of the 3 rounds roughly 1/3 the case should be filled with powder. If it comes down from the powder measure with more or less than that, I know somethings wrong. Plus, I’m not a young hotdogger who has to push the “max charge” envelope. I’m always 2 – 3 steps below max charge. I’m not out for the “hottest” round.

One of the most foolproof ways of measuring powder is having Lee Dippers (little scoops). They’re fairly fast but their main attraction is they’re mistake free. Over time I know my 3 calibers (after verifying the charge on a scale), the smallest caliber takes a .3 dipper, the next one a .5 dipper, and the .45 ACP a .7 dipper. Having modified a set, I have those in the full size, and a set of shortened ones. It pretty much runs the gamut from .1 to .9 (even though they don’t make even numbered dippers).

All this applies to reloading pistol rounds. Rifle rounds are another game all together.

Jim Roach

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Something’s going on

Yeah? We’ll see.

Two years behind on NATO cartridges? That’s exactly what I have always said, with any problem if you dig deep enough you’ll about always find the government at the bottom of it. Always. But why are governments two years behind? Oh right, “COVID” explains everything. Then Biden cuts off supply from Russia (with love), which is not a NATO country. It still doesn’t explain the shortage of Aguila from Mexico.

An interesting site to keep an eye on and that gives you a general sense of what’s going on with ammo, is Ammo Seek. I first started following it about 6 months ago. The round to follow is 9 mm (for rifle people its 5.56 or .223). Back then it was not uncommon to see 9 mil going for .60, .66, or .70 cents a round. Briefly in July/August you could find steel case Tula for .29 cents a round, sometimes with free shipping.

Two years ago before the COVID best price at the store was .16 cents a round. So now that price has stabilized around .32 cents, its effectively doubled post pandemic. With this news from God Family and Guns, we’re looking at 2 more years of this. I’ll give the guy credit, none of the other major gun channels even delve into the shortage, they got theirs and that’s all that matters.

This guy has been trying to find answers. He explained where the military gets theirs in Missouri, that other government agencies (which there are a ton of), get theirs from the same places civilians do. Which is why law enforcement has also been experiencing shortages. My bullshit detector is still going off though. Mexico’s not part of NATO. Argentina is not part of NATO. There’s still a wall keeping out imports. Canada is sitting pretty. Why’s that?

And those bullshit artists at the other gun channels have been completely worthless using their influence to find answers: Hickok45, Justin Opinion, Mr Guns & Gear, Honest Outlaw. One who has tried is sootch00. He’s also good on prepping. Another is The Firearm Guy.

Jim Roach

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“Why don’t the Republicans get rid of him?”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

They don’t want to. I saw it on a conservative site, “Why don’t they get rid of McConnell?” In reference to his statement that there wouldn’t be any impeachment of Biden for the resulting deaths of Americans during the withdrawal from Afghanistan. I promptly replied that they don’t want to. Like Paul Ryan he is the perfect saboteur of conservative ideas. Notice I didn’t say ‘Republican’ ideas, those are two different things. The Republicans aren’t supposed to win and they don’t. Sure, sure, sure, they get a President in, they pass a corporate tax cut, they pass an amnesty, but what have they ever done to advance the ‘conservative’ agenda?

I then asked the commentor, “Why don’t they get rid of Susan Collins? Lisa Murkowski? Ben Sasse? Rob Portman? Mitt Romney?” You could just have easily asked, why did they appoint John Roberts to SCOTUS? Brett Kavanaugh? Amy Coney-Barrett? Neil Gorsuch? Because they’re in on it. They understand the game. A governor on an engine is something that keeps the speed within a predetermined amount. So that it never gets out of control. That’s what all these people I’ve named are, “governors”. The GOP doesn’t win because its not supposed to win. The GOP is a black hole designed to suck up the time, energy and money of conservatives so that it never results in anything productive.

Nobody is that incompetent. Even the Cubs won the World Series once. A stopped clock is at least right twice a day. But not the GOP, they never win. They always manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. This probably isn’t 100% accurate, but its closer than you might think. I always use the 1976 Hyde Amendment as the sum total of Republican legislative triumph outside of corporate tax cuts. That’s not too far from the truth. Look at 2017 – 2018. They had the House, they had the Senate, they had the Presidency, and what did they do? What did they accomplish?

They gave a permanent tax cut to corporate America from 35% to 21% (by the way, the mega rich are “corporations”, they don’t take their wages on a W-2). They gave a temporary tax cut to individuals. Everything else regarding the border, the cutting of regulations, that was done by Executive Order. By Trump. Anyone in the GOP who doesn’t understand the game is soon gone or relegated to irrelevance. Steve King, Donald Trump, Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Sarah Palin. Where are these firebrands? They’re gone, the ash heap of history.

Anybody who thinks these RINOs are stupid, or don’t know what they’re doing, are delusional. These people are smart and devious beyond our comprehension. They know exactly what they’re doing. They are satisfying the wants and needs of the rich and powerful, and what you want is irrelevant.

Jim Roach

[And most importantly for Iowa, one of the things Republicans do do, is bring home the ethanol subsidies. Its actually in their oath of office laid out in the Iowa Constitution: “I do solemnly oath, to bring home ethanol subsidies or die trying, so help me Farm Bureau!”]

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Gab’s letter to Congress

[Following Gab’s receipt of a letter from the January 6th Committee investigating the protests at the U.S. Capitol, we responded to Congress today to set the record straight about Gab and its role, or rather its lack of a role, in the events of January 6th.]

“We told Congress that Gab exists to promote freedom of speech.  By this we mean all written or spoken expression protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  No more, no less.  We accordingly have a longstanding zero-tolerance policy towards threats of violence and use of our platform for criminal purposes. 

As to controversial, but nonetheless legal, speech, we believe – as Justice Brandeis did – that “sunlight is the best disinfectant, electric light the most efficient policeman.”   This means that Gab seeks to serve as an online home for dissent, whether it emanates from protestors in Hong Kong, Russia, or the United States. 

Sometimes this means that Gab finds itself hosting people or ideas wide segments of a given population regard as loathsome or evil.  It is not our place, nor should it be the place of any technology company, to interfere with Americans’ civil rights and sit in judgment over their lawful expression.  

We also told Congress that official disfavor is a fluid concept capable of varying from place to place, time to time, and even, in this information age where new knowledge can be published and disseminated worldwide nearly instantaneously, day to day. Conflicts between the ruling class and disfavored ideas or people are not particularly novel phenomena.

Throughout history, men like Socrates, Galileo and Einstein, and Cheng Guancheng as well as women like Virginia Vallejo, have variously been murdered, targeted for assassination, imprisoned, fired, and/or seen their works publicly burned on account of their beliefs.  

In each case, these people – good people, normal people without political power – were persecuted because their viewpoints were, in one way or another, perceived as a threat to the established order, a view often shared by substantial majorities in their respective societies as well as their rulers, and there was no legal, normative, or technological infrastructure to restrain wielders of power from abusing it.

For more than two centuries the U.S. Constitution, and in particular the First Amendment, has served as a bulwark against such abuses, not only at home, but for those abroad who seek safety here.  Titans like Solzhenitsyn, Einstein, Guangcheng and Vallejo, and legions of others – including tens of thousands of urban Afghans evacuated by the United States in recent weeks – all sought, and will continue to seek, refuge beneath the impervious shelter for free thought that is the First Amendment and American rule of law. 

But the normative foundation upon which that shelter was built is at risk. The reality of social media content moderation practices today is that large swathes of commonly-held viewpoints and belief systems are systematically discriminated against on the Internet’s largest websites. 

That this censorship should be implemented by privately-owned technology platforms rather than by the government may reassure constitutional law professors, but it is of little comfort to the average Internet user on the business end of a non-appealable account ban.  American citizens may have freedom of speech, but they find themselves with vanishingly few public forums in which to exercise it fully.

We believe, as the Framers did, that commercial activity that facilitates free speech is essential to the healthy functioning of American democracy.  James Madison foresaw this presciently in his 1791 letter to the National Gazette:

The larger a country, the less easy for its real opinion to be ascertained, and the less difficult to be counterfeited; when ascertained or presumed, the more respectable it is in the eyes of individuals. This is favorable to the authority of government. For the same reason, the more extensive a country, the more insignificant is each  individual in his own eyes. This may be unfavorable to liberty.

Whatever facilitates a general intercourse of sentiments, as good roads, domestic commerce, a free press, and particularly a circulation of newspapers through the entire body of the people, and Representatives going from, and returning among every part of them, is equivalent to a contraction of territorial limits, and is favorable to liberty, where these may be too extensive.

Our web properties are among only a handful on the Internet where Madison’s “general intercourse of sentiments” can presently flow unimpeded by corporate interests, opaquely funded NGOs, and activist groups. 

Gab has no doubt that the Framers would approve of our approach. Despite this, Gab has been the subject of a years-long smear campaign by activist groups and boycotted by virtually every technology company of consequence – Amazon, Apple, Coinbase, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Stripe, and Visa included – because of our refusal to change our First Amendment-based moderation policy. 

As Gab is a free-to-use online publishing platform, it is inevitable that criminal actors will seek to operate on the margins of what is legal and acceptable or even abuse our services, as indeed they abuse all online services.  Gab believes in the rule of law and works hard to ensure that our services are denied to these bad actors.  Sometimes bad actors slip through, however, and Gab relies on law enforcement to advise it of criminal use of the platform so it can ban criminal users and provide appropriate assistance to any investigation.

By aligning our policies with the First Amendment and adopting a cooperative stance towards U.S. law enforcement, we believe that we are providing an essential service for our democratic society in a socially responsible way. 

We are cognizant our users are curious to know how we responded to the Committee’s request for production of documents.

Glory be to God,”

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King

(I got this in an email as I have an account at Gab. I post a copy here as evidence of the importance I place on free speech. With a horribly resurgent ‘cancel culture’, formerly known as political correctness, freedom of speech is in serious jeopardy in the United States. While Gab as a platform has many deficiencies, they do strive for free speech. The platform is weighted towards celebrities, and the people there suck, but I sure hope the platform survives. – Jim Roach)

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