Want to know BLM/Antifa’s next move? Look to Mao’s Red Guard

“After unleashing the Red Guards … to serve his political purposes, Mao Zedong was no longer able to control them.”

“Day and night the city resounded with the loud noise of drums and gongs … looting and the ransacking of private homes … The violence of the Red Guards seemed to have escalated. Articles in the newspapers … encouraged the Red Guards and congratulated them on their vandalism. They were … exhorted to be fearless in their work of toppling the old world and building a new one based on Mao’s teachings.”

The newspaper announced that the mission of the Red Guards was to rid the country of the ‘Four Olds’: old culture, old customs, old habits, and old ways of thinking. There was no clear definition of ‘old’; it was left to the Red Guards to decide. First of all, they changed street names.”

— Nien Cheng
Chinese author who recounted her harrowing experiences during the Cultural Revolution in her memoir ‘Life and Death in Shanghai’

I couldn’t help but see some similarity between the street thugs Mao used to further his “cultural revolution”, and the ones the Democrats are using to try and bring down the President, BLM/Antifa. America has the last vestiges of law and order, but for how long? – Jim Roach

“Op-Ed: Want To Know Dem Anarchists’ Next Move? Look to Mao’s Infamous Red Guard for the Answer” – Western Journal

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Escape From New York, Road Warrior, Terminator, movie producers saw the future 40 years ago

We laughed at them back then! We did. Movie producers and directors came up with these wild scenarios we knew would never come true… until they did. 1979, 1980, 1981, everything was so nice and safe back then. Society was  at its peak, even though we didn’t know it at the time. We had a dolt for a president, so we threw him out. Put a man in. He backed the Rooskies down, showed ’em who was boss. Mary Lou Retton was wearing red/white/blue, kicking ass on the mat. Great time to be alive. Movies were cheap. Star Wars, Rocky, Rambo, it was cool to be American.

Then for your ‘crazies’, your science fiction, fantasy, futurist geek we had those movies. I think Road Warrior with Mel Gibson led it off. Then Escape from New York with Kurt Russell (and Adrienne Barbeau’s breasts). The Arnold Schwarzenegger started off his sci-fi roll with Terminator! Impossible! Crazy! Nutjobs! Our beneficent government would never turn on us, machines are our friends, corporations just want to sell us widgets.

Then 2020 comes. We find out Dr Fauci has been funding Chinese labs to come up with diseases that he and Bill Gates could sell the world vaccines for. With  one little caveat, the injection would also contain a tracker. The government has smart bullets and robot dogs to track you down. Observation cameras literally line the freeways and interstates. Contact “trackers” trace your every movement by your cellphone, “only for pandemic purposes”. And even when you think you  are off grid in the deep woods? There’s still satellite imagery to find you. Not to mention the drones. All those amazing things you can do with a drone? Imagine what you funded the government to develop?

Jim Roach

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I can name Liberal/Deep State victories going back to the Wilson administration, I can’t name 1 conservative/limited government victory

The last 4 years have been an eyeopener in a number of ways
. Its like a bright light was turned on and we’re watching all the roaches scramble. All the betrayals of half of the American people. Democrats get exactly what they deserve. Republicans on the other hand have only gotten shafted. This is not what we asked for 3 years ago when we held the House, the Senate and the Presidency. It was at that time I realized it had all been a lie. The conservative agenda would never would be enacted. Never.

Since then there has been one after another Supreme Court decision where the “conservative” Chief Justice Roberts has sided with the liberals so that whatever they couldn’t enact legislatively (which isn’t much), they got done through the judicial branch. Now in the last 6 months their street thugs (Antifa/BLM) have added a new slant to their lawlessness, going completely outside the bounds of propriety. Which brings me to my main thrust today: Those wanting limited government have been represented by the Republican Party, the “Washington Generals”. The entity whose sole purpose is to lose.

When have conservatives ever won? I can’t think of any times when that happened. My memory of history going back to 1900 isn’t too bad. I know roughly the general currents and ‘big trends’ of societal movement. I can name you the presidents going back to about 1908. The major legislative acts, when the wars were. Certainly not on par with a history major, but better than the average guy on the street. The Republican Party exists only to provide a strawman opponent for the Democrats. Every movement has to have a boogeyman to fight against. Not a real opponent, just someone they can point to and screech!

FDR achieved the most for liberals I’d say. His ‘New Deal’ programs, suckering us into bullshit wars. The 1933 National Firearms Act. Social Security, I’d say he did the most to destroy the country. But barely. Wilson gave him a run for his money. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The Income Tax (Revenue Act of 1916). WW I. He was incredibly destructive to America. Perhaps not the scope FDR had, but without those fundamental tragedies that he put in, FDR wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what he did. Don’t let me forget the creation of the United Nations in 1947, that was the whole point of WW II.

Then you had the Great Society programs of LBJ (you ever notice how their favorites were known by their initials?), that singlehandedly destroyed the black family. Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing … Then in 1973 the murder of babies became legal. People for the most part have no idea how that affected how we think of human life in general. LBJ also got through the Gun Control Act of 1968. The implications of that were just huge, and are still being felt to this day. Later on Obamacare was fairly major.

But for the life of me I can’t think of any limited government victories?

Jim Roach




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Its pretty scary when you think about it

The world is insane, and its nothing new. Michelle Malkin witnesses first hand cops doing nothing in the face of a violent mob. Cops in Colorado Srings, Minneapolis and other locales tell citizens to surrender to theives and give them what they want, the police aren’t going to do anything. Congress holds a hearing on Big Tech censorship of conservatives, does nothing, and the next day Facebook removes a post of the President’s. The outgoing administration instigates a coup against the incoming administration, and nobody sees a problem with this. The powers that be would rather have people die then use the cheap, 70 year old drug simply because they hate the guy who suggested it.

In Virginia a “Smoke Shop” employee repels a 4 am burglary from 4 suspects, and he is the one placed under arrest. In Ames the City Council is taking the roads that car owners paid for and turning them into bike paths, and no one protests. A black billionaire tells Americans they have to admit how racist they are (uh, they made you a billionaire). Modern America is unable to distinguish between a boy and a girl. A terrorist “marrys” her brother in order to immigrate into the United States, and instead of being prosecuted, is elected to Congress! The FBI knew about Epstein’s sex trafficking ring of underage girls for 15 years and did nothing.

That’s not even the half of it. That’s just the stuff that occurred to me on the spur of the moment. Chest thumping Republican leader of the “committee to get Big Tech”, is on Google’s payroll. “Experts” put COVID-19 patients in nursing home, the populations absolutely most vulnerable. BLM attacks drivers in roadblocks and its the drivers arrested. States insist on sending ballots to everyone on their rolls, that they’ve refused to cleanse. The focus on “foreign interference” in our election has been on Russia, when its over 5 million Mexicans that vote in it and Chinese cash that buys officials. A nation considerably over $24 trillion in debt, figures it can buy its way out of a pandemic by dropping created cash out of a helicopter.

Insanity. And the news shows on the idiot box go on as if all this is normal.

Jim Roach

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In cop shows they always have this standoff with the bad guys holed up in a house (and of course the bad guy can’t just open the window he has to bust out the glass). The hero cop is out front with the bullhorn, “We have you surrounded, come out with your hands up!” Pretty soon you hear a squealing of tires and a cloud of dust out the back as the bad guy gets away. The cops are out front, “Hey you can’t do that! That’s the backdoor! Come back here!” (In cop shows you can’t catch the bad guy until 5 minutes till the top of the hour, so they have to get away a couple of times)

I’m starting to think its not the perfect analogy, but it will work. Guys with guns always picture this vague scenario of a Democrat Congress passing some law to take our guns. Unbeknownst to them it started exactly 50 years ago and it wasn’t Congress; it was the Environmental Protection Agency. The gun grabbers came in the backdoor. They made lead illegal. First it was no lead shot for waterfowl hunting. Now its no lead shot period. The military is tansitioning away from lead bullets. CCI is coming out with copper bullets for rimfire ammunition (how its economically feasible to use copper is beyond me).

But with the current ammunition shortage I’ve done a little research on “why”. Because in a free market a commodity is supposed to be always available. Maybe not at the price you want, but available. But this time its different. Its just not there. The EPA was created in 1970 during the Nixon administration. A number of conservatives have pointed out that was one of the biggest inroads to freedom the Left ever had, and it goes largely unnoticed. I’ve found out that primary smelting of lead from ore has been made unfeasible from an economic standpoint in the United States. Its now all done in China.

What we are left with in the United States is secondary smelting. I would assume that is the reclamation of car batteries, wheel weights, and the other repurposing of lead items. Indoor shooting ranges in some locales are prohibited from using unjacketed bullets. Many have had to retrofit ventilation systems (which is good). Which is all rather funny. Like with mercury they pick and choose what’s “safe”. Many light bulbs are supposed to go through special recycling because of the mercury content. What if you dropped one while changing bulbs?

Government is sneaky, they don’t always come through the frontdoor.




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Gun scum

1000 round box of 115 grain full metal jacket 9mm, the holy grail

The Kung Flu caused all kinds of shortages, it wasn’t just toilet paper. Don’t ask me why, but some men get into guns. Some sort of genetic defect most likely. We like our guns. We hug them, and squeeze them, and clean them. We also like to feed them: ammunition. LOTS of it. Some people recommend keeping a minimum of 1,000 rounds per caliber on hand. So when the pandemic hit and 9mm disappeared, we panicked. It doesn’t matter that we all had over a thousand rounds in a foot locker, we wanted more! More! (rationality and gun ownership doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand)

So I make the drive down to the Indianola Gun Show to see how bad they were gouging people, it was pretty bad. Last fall a good price on a 50 round box of 115 gr FMJ was $9. A thousand rounds could be had for $160 ($8 a box). They were selling it for $25 per box (50 rounds). That’s a 250% increase since the pandemic hit. States like Florida that have price gouging laws hit the threshold at 30%. Iowa gun dealers are 8 times that. They should be in jail. They’ve always been like that. Sieh had a $22 brick (500 rounds) of Aguuila going for $35. $35? I would have paid $25/$26/$27 easy. That’s 20% markup, that’s fair. But they were over 150%, that’s gouging.

They smell vulnerable people to be taken advantage of a mile away. They are loathsome individuals. Its not their fault I suppose. Most of them weren’t raised right. 1 parent if that. Most likely their momma was a crack ho. They see a shortage coming and they’re rubbing their hands together. Quick buck is all they see. Just like their momma. A cheap trick and they’re on their way. The best price I saw was $92 for 250 rounds. That works out to $368 for a 1000 rounds. As opposed to say $180 last fall, half as much. These guys aren’t content to up profits 25% – 30%, they go for the whole enchilada 200%.

Gun dealers are scum. Like pond scum, only not as green.

I used to think Sieh Guns of Avoca was interested in selling guns, now they’re more interested in ripping people off. They had a “new” Taurus G3 for $300, not bad. But they’re selling it with 1 magazine! It comes from the factory with 2. Something F’d up is going on there. And Marv Kraus who promotes most of these, just smells ripoff artist. Just stick with your box stores. It ain’t worth dealing with these pirates. Too many snakes like Lindy’s out of Boone.

Jim Roach



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A cone of silence

Daniel Halper (A Convenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein) was just on FOX discussing the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell and the possibility (remote?) that Bill Clinton had been on Epstein Island a number of times and was a regular consort of Epstein. And scrolling down CNN’s timeline here, it seems odd that the station that went wall to wall with Stormy Daniels’ breasts for a year, has zero curiosity about this sex scandal? CNN had plenty of curiosity about Christine Blasey-Ford, but not this. That is strange. Naked young girls, powerful political figures, and no curiosity. Its not just them, all media seem to have brought down the cone of silence on this story.

Jim Roach


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“Outwardly we have a Constitutional government”

“Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government, a bureaucratic elite which believes our Constitution is outmoded.”

— Senator William Jenner
(1908-1985) U.S. Senator (IN-R)

Senator Jenner knew “the fix” was in over 35 years ago. I have another quote from Harper’s Magazine from 1958. Same thing. A few honest people have known the truth. Told the rest of us. The ‘Deep State’ just happens to be the latest term for it. Yesterday the House Judiciary Committee “grilled” Big Tech executives on alleged bias against conservatives. It turns out a key Republican on the committee is in the bag for Google, Jim Jordan. He’s on the payroll for Google cash. Its like finding out Santa isn’t real. I was crushed.

Three House members have stood out since Trump got elected: Jordan, Devin Nunez and Louie Gohmert. I had thought, “Well THERE are 3 decent men!” Then little warning bells started going off. Each spring when they increase the guest worker visas for foreigners to steal American jobs, if they’re coming back with unanimous votes, then that means…. yeah, my 3 heroes were voting against American jobs just like everybody else. Then yesterday all these articles and interviews came out showing Jordan was dirty as hell. Yeah. Santa was dead.

Jim Roach

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Why shortages?

The 2 items that disappeared with the arrival of the Kung Flu is toilet paper and 9mm ammunition. Why? The advent of the internet brought news sites you never knew existed. 1 person (100 persons) could not read all the news churned out in a day. There’s one curious little aspect about all that news though. You have a plethora of what happened, but very little why. Our “free” society in actuality operates with a lot of “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain“.

Modern machinery operating 24 hours a day can turn out product to meet any demand. If I had to guess I’d say most factories don’t even work 3 shifts. I really don’t think production capacity is the cause of shortages. There are too many things a manufacturer could do to increase production. Another shift. Hire more people. Add another machine. Work overtime. Offer production bonuses. Work weekends. A dozen things I can’t even think of because I’m not in the business. But my guesses are ridiculous, someone knows.

There was another shortage 10 years ago. I noticed it because pistol primers disappeared. I stocked up afterwards and still have them today. Its almost like retailers and manufacturers collude to keep prices high. With a wink and a nod. My major irritant this morning though is why no one ‘in the business’ explains what the hell is going on. You give me 2 hours inside one of the plants where they manufacture 9mm and I’ll tell you what’s going on. This ain’t rocket science. Same way with toilet paper.

Its dangerous to let this crap happen with ammunition. Politicians haven’t figured out a way to take our guns, but they don’t have to if they take our ammunition. Without ammo all you have is a paperweight. Who I’m really disappointed in are the YouTube gun channels. Those guys have too many contacts in the gun industry to not know what’s going on. They’ve been more than casual observers for 20, 30 even 40 years. Somebody knows what’s going on.

It took 5 months to get toilet paper back to near normal supply. And I haven’t seen 1 story on why it happened. People need to make retailers pay. These contrived price gouging events are bullshit. I don’t like being taken to the cleaners.

Jim Roach

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Wayne LaPierre needs to go

Not that it matters, but Wayne LaPierre needs to go. In this video the timeline is explained a little bit on the “get Wayne the hell out of there movement“. Some 20 years ago the NRA got the unimpeachable Charlton Heston to take over. That placated folks for awhile until about 18 months ago when it all came to a head. Colonel Oliver North saw what was going on and tried his darndest to get LaPierre out of there. Wayne prevailed and Ollie was out. This video details the misappropriation of funds and the illegal tactics LaPierre has used to stay in office.

What’s really sick about this is that some of the best volunteers in the world work endlessly for Second Amendment Rights. And there’s LaPierre spitting on their efforts. It just occurred to me that assuming LaPierre does die someday, how important it is that he is not replaced by a protégé.

Jim Roach

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