Doomsday weapons

“Supersonic Missiles, Nuclear Torpedoes and now Robotic Tanks. This is what we are hearing in the last week that The Russian arsenal contains. Funny how nothing seems to work. Have they figured out the engineering yet or is it all posturing?” – Pinball Preparedness

As I brilliantly pointed out in an earlier post, Hollywood directors saw the future 40 years ago and the robotic hell our governments had planned for us, with such films as Terminator, Escape From New York and the like. In the last few years these ideas can longer be comfortably laughed off as sci-fi nonsense. One of the most terrifying to me was turning man’s best friend the dog into a mechanical terror that can run you down and tear you apart. But that of course that is nothing compared to what the psychotics in the military-industrial complex have planned for us.

One of the weapons described in the video is a nuclear (nukular) torpedo designed to explode off a coast creating a tsunami to wipe out a country’s seaboard communities. Then you have your “robot tanks” he talks about designed to wipe out a population. All kinds of great things. Weapons and systems that would be pretty much impervious to Bubba Joe rushing out with his Mossberg 500 to stop an encroaching guvmint. The only thing that occurs to me in a scenario with an out of control government, is that while you might not be able to defeat their weapon systems, it would behoove you to know how to get into their Command and Control Centers in order to kill them.

Jim Roach

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And…. they don’t get it

NBC-10 in Philadelphia talks about the ammo shortage and focuses on how it affects police departments, but they make no attempt to find out why there is a shortage, or why suppliers aren’t importing. For all the talk of globalization, in actuality there is none. As with primers, people who do these stories (the NRA publication American Rifleman finally did a piece on it a year later, and it was a total fluff piece like this one), act like the only primers in the world have to be made by Federal, CCI, Winchester or Remington. That’s bullshit. Gun owners are being taken for a ride. Again. Plants are not running 24/7, and stores are not importing. It is an artificial shortage (if plants wanted to crank out ammo they’d be running 3 shifts not 1). And the American gun owner pays. Literally, and in the making of the Second Amendment null and void.

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Its the man behind the gun

Justin Opinion’s review of the Beretta APX 9mm

Gun videos can be of questionable value. “Then why do you watch them?” I like pain? I suppose there’s some use to them. Reaching a “consensus” is maybe the only use for them. If 5 of your trusted sources agree about a firearm, that’s better than nothing. Practical tips, seeing how to take-down a specific model and that. You really have to separate the wheat from the chaff. Spotting and staying away from shysters like MAC (military arms channel) and the Yankee Marshall. And idiots like MixUp98. What I did right there is something you’ll rarely see them do, take a stand and call a spade a spade. After how many years and how many videos I finally heard one of them call into question the reliability of Springfield’s and Sig’s. I’d always kind a wondered why the lack of reviews on those 2. One guy took a stand (Honest Outlaw, Iowa guy).

Its like damn, they all seem to be so worried about staying on the good side of the gun industry. They spend so much time with calipers, scales and the trigger gauge taking measurements. Like because this model is 2 ounces lighter, or an inch shorter on the barrel, or has 1 more round in the magazine, your life will be saved if you buy this gun! Ha! 99% of the people (thank God) are never going to have to defend themselves with a gun. The ones most likely to, aren’t “allowed” to have a gun, city dwellers. They just need to “allow” themselves. Death by bureaucrat is no way to go. Thank God for Iowa and their attempt at “Constitutional Carry” anyway.

But I’ve seen the majority of a gun video be spent with the host measuring this and weighing that. You know I got the feeling that if it ever came down to it, having something on you that goes ‘bang‘ (and the willingness to use it), will give you a fighting chance. Its the rare situation where a round difference in magazine capacity, or 2 ounces in weight, or a half inch difference in “conceal-ability” is going to mean the difference between life and death. I have to believe the man’s preparedness, mental toughness, and skill are going to make the difference. Not whether you have the latest and greatest weapon known to man. I got the feeling a 60 year old fuddy-duddy revolver would do just fine with a lot of guys.

One of the most obvious shortcomings I’ve seen with the gun guys is demonstrating a clear cut exhibition of accuracy on a gun. One guy comes closest, ‘NutNFancy’. He’ll take a target with 5 bullseyes on it and show you how he shot various loads and their groupings. What I would have liked to see is the reviewer pick a distance, with a target, and shoot every gun he reviews off hand and at rest, and lets see how they do. There’s not too many things to judge about a gun. Longevity they won’t be able to. They most all seem good at counting failures to feed and eject. But they all fail at the second most important, how accurate are they. If there’s bad construction or bad design, that’s where its going to show up. And if you have the same shooter shoot every gun from the same distance and at the same target, you’re going to get a pretty good sense of which gun is the most accurate. Not for the whole video, but for the accuracy portion. Shoot every gun you review at 7 yards on paper firing 3 rounds and measure the group size. You’ll find out real quick which guns are good and which are bad. None of this “it feels” business. Let’s see.

Jim Roach

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Understanding the complex

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Things you’ll never see

If you can enlarge this, it talks about supplying Biden and other pedophiles in our government with children
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I don’t understand not fighting

The simplest way to rev my engine is to tell me I can’t do something. Or that I have to accept things the way they are. Its against my nature. Yet I watch 10 men with huge gun channels who do nothing about the ammo shortage. They cannot connect the dots that without ammo, there is no Second Amendment.

You men who make a living pushing guns don’t give a damn about that. You have huge platforms. You have industry contacts. You get invited to gun shows the public doesn’t. You get sent new guns to test for free. Yet you don’t give a damn about the Second Amendment. Not when it comes down to it.

I think I’ve done more to alleviate the ammo shortage than you have. And regrettably that amounts to nothing. I don’t have a million subscribers, a lot of you do. Yet you do nothing. You urge people to waste their time with the corrupt NRA, but you can’t see the simple fact that without ammo, there is no Second Amendment.

What kind of corporations let themselves get blindsided every 10 years? What kind of sellers wouldn’t import when there is no domestic supply? You’re all hat and no cattle.

Jim Roach

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Government’s “war” on anything

Think about that every time you ask the government to “solve” anything. Think about their war on poverty. War on drugs. War on terror. War on illiteracy.

Jim Roach

Whites killing Blacks — 2%
Police killing whites — 3%
Whites killing whites — 16%
Blacks killing whites — 81%
Police killing Blacks — 1%
Blacks killing Blacks — 97%

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Not eligible

Like the Kenyan before her, the woman that will be taking over for Biden as president isn’t even eligible. But most amazing to me, is that it will receive absolutely no coverage in the media. Or if it does, it will be dismissed out of hand: “The debunked conspiracy theory of Harris’s citizenship.” With a birth certificate staring them in the face.

Its very similar to the way they stole the election. Because important people really, really, really didn’t like Trump, it was okay to commit an illegal act. The end justifying the means. There is actual video of poll workers caught on camera behind a local TV reporter, just ripping open ballots over a trashcan, and tossing in the Trump ones.

Or a sting of 100,000 ballots being counted at 3 am (when they said they were halting counting), and amazingly, not only was every single ballot for Biden, it was the only race on the ballot these people voted for! Or the water main break at a polling location where absolutely nothing getting wet! Or the poll workers after having pushed observers out of the room, were taping cardboard over the windows!

So because some important liberal really, really, really like Kamala Harris, its okay to look the other way and ignore the Constitution.

Jim Roach

Georgia election official at his house with shredded ballots
Poll workers taping cardboard to windows

“There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud”

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The media long ago ceased to be the watchdog of government, and became its lapdog (when it comes to Democrats anyway). When those two work in perfect synchronicity, it threatens the founding principles of our government. It cannot be exaggerated how important our founders thought a free press was. They knew just how easily a government could become a tyrant, and that it required an informed and involved electorate to keep it in check. That requires an honest press.

The Trump Administration exposed that press to be a dishonest one. Without rehashing the past 5 years, just the latest example of the Washington Post having to retract the entire Georgia Hoax is typical. It was entirely made up yet had great influence in the second impeachment. Perhaps the most egregious, is NPR. All Americans pay for it, yet it only represents half of them. So we are left with a taxpayer funded arm of the Democrat Party, that leaves half the country suffering the taxation, without representation.

Jim Roach

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Killing trees

Alex Newman of the New American has a great video interview (Confronting Deep State Swamp Monsters: Solutions) of east coast coordinator for the John Birch Society, Evan Mulch. The interview is just the boiler plate membership drive stuff JBS has been doing for 62 years. Getting “community leaders” (doctors and lawyers and such) to join JBS thus bringing in an army of letter writers that will thus turn around swamp monsters like Ben Sasse, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, to see the errors of their unconstitutional ways, and all will be right in America! Hearing Evan talk brought back memories.

You see a prime focus of JBS for those 62 years has been having incredibly dedicated members write letters at meetings to their Representatives in the United States House of Representatives. JBS correctly theorizes that the key to the whole thing is the House. They are the people in Washington closest to the people in the district. They realize your chances of influencing the President or your Senator is about nil. A member of the House represents about 758,000 people, of which about 500,000 are of voting age, of which about 250,000 are registered voters, of which about 160,000 actually vote.

JBS as an institution is incapable of ever seeing the path to victory. I don’t know why exactly, but they are. The bottom line is, proven by history, is that you cannot influence swamp monsters, you have to replace them. Its that simple. I put those thoughts in the comment below, also at their website below the interview. When you get old, you realize (from Rocky II), “there is no tomorrow!” It happens now or it don’t happen. You don’t have time to worry about other people’s feelings.

“It was great to hear Evan talk about being a “Bircher” and the other aspects of membership. I realize though that JBS will never see the path to victory. We could write letters to the swamp monsters till the cows come home, and that will do nothing. I remember sitting in a meeting with the midwest coordinator 20 years ago and telling him that we have to replace those swamp monsters. He literally could not see what I was saying. He immediately thought I was saying we had to run people for office under the banner of the John Birch Society Party. This was 7 or 8 years before the Tea Party. The Tea Party was simply a mechanism for identifying patriots to run, it wasn’t a “party” itself. But that’s why JBS will never succeed, they think you can influence swamp monsters, when in reality you have to replace them.”

JBS is like the comparison between Congress, and the grunts in the Army. The grunts in the Army are so superior to the Congress that sends them off to die, its not even funny. The same situation applies to the members of JBS, versus the leadership of JBS. All the millions of letters those dedicated members have written over the past 62 years has done, is kill a lot of trees.

Jim Roach

[The good news is JBS has some great new talent, Alex Newman, Daniel Natal, Duke this, Doctor that. For decades about the only guy they let do media appearances was John McManus. Like if somebody else spoke and they said something wrong they’d “lose everything!” They didn’t have anything! There was nothing to lose. We held a “speakers event” one time at Adventureland featuring McManus. Afterwards he said we couldn’t hold the bake sale anymore to raise money for the chapter. It looked “amateurish” he said. No shit Sherlock, we are amateurs! He’d go on the local talk radio and talk worldly highfalutin current events. But he would never “make the sale”. Actually tell people, “Hey we need you to join a local chapter and join us in the fight!”]

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